About Us

Why Us? The Evia Advantage

•  Each of our experts have proven track records of 20+ years in diverse industries and businesses.
• We are a cost effective solution to our clients. You contract for the amount of service that you need. We tailor a program that is unique to you.
•  We take the view that we are actually a part of your company. We do not have the “outsider” view that most other consultants and CPA firms can have.
• We achieve measurable results.
• We adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Our Staff

Bob Vucenovic
Managing Director

Bob Vucenovic has performed with excellence in multiple roles as President, CFO, and many others for companies facing the all too common challenges of increased cost and competitive pressures, and the never ending need for fast, accurate response to markets that change faster than ever. He has been highly successful in numerous disciplines, including financial and capital planning, turnarounds, operational restructuring, integration and consolidation, business continuity, budgeting, cost management, productivity development, business partner relationship enhancement, and team leadership.

    This broad foundation of experience has been strongly supported by his natural skill in quickly identifying and successfully pursuing the rapidly changing opportunities that inevitably accompany markets as volatile as those emerging right now. He has encouraged his clients, through thought and understanding, to spot and eliminate inefficiency in business processes, and to continuously improve their performance.

Broadly acknowledged for his leadership skills as a specialist in the resolution of complex, solution-resistant challenges, Bob’s unique value is enhanced by his ability to turn almost any circumstance into an opportunity to build performance. As a valued problem solver, Bob has more than once crafted a business plan and then led his clients to realize its full potential. He has many times prevented problems from becoming threats to company performance, and turned potentially costly business issues into creative solutions that served as the foundation for significant productivity growth.

A staunch advocate of the position that each of us must devote our best efforts to personal and professional growth, he is well known for having the courage and commitment to accept responsibility, and to build individual and organizational accountability. His depth in each of these arenas has strengthened his abilities in all of them, and has often made him a linchpin performer.

Bob has found that the practices learned through his MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University have proven invaluable in his approach to improving organizational performance.  

David Wilson

Human Resources Professional

David Wilson, as a Vice-President of Human Resources, and in other key HR roles has gained extensive experience in a full spectrum of human resources management as a generalist, including organizational development & training, strategic/organizational planning, change management, process implementation, performance management, employee relations, labor relations and contract negotiations, compensation & benefits, and EEOC/AAP. In addition, David has been an integral team member in new facility start-ups, turnarounds and downsizing projects. His strengths include a systems approach to management planning and organization, and a team player attitude towards achieving objectives, and have the highest ethical standards.

  Some of the qualities and credentials he has to offer are:

  • Effectively interact with individuals at all levels within the organization
  • Extensive program/personnel planning and development history
  • Outstanding project and process management experience
  • Highly respected motivator, trainer, and team builder
  • Analytical, resourceful troubleshooter and problem solver
  • Extensive policy development and administration background
  • SHRM certified Senior Professional in Human Resources Management 

As an experienced human resources professional of over twenty-five years, he has the ability to quickly evaluate human resources processes, identify problem areas and develop action plans to resolve issues for a company of any size. David understands the importance of the effective use of human capital within an organization and is results driven. He is confident that he possesses the demonstrated experience and leadership to work with your management team to achieve the business objectives your organizations wants.